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Functional Health Screening

Functional Health Screening

Patients often consult me for specific health problems and many for a general health check or to address ongoing symptoms that are seemingly unrelated.

Frequently these symptoms are lived with for many years with a reluctant acceptance, for which a conventional single modality of treatment can offer little assistance.

A functional integrated medical approach offers a real opportunity to unravel the cause of symptoms, piece together the jigsaw and work out a practical and effective treatment plan.

Using electro acupuncture testing (no needles), an insight into your nutritional levels including vitamin and mineral status, your immune system function, food intolerances and allergies can all be assessed.

Digestive function, cardiovascular health and familial predispositions to ill health can all be evaluated using these and other tests for a comprehensive overview and in depth appraisal of your health.

Treatment regimes are discussing and carefully explained to set you on a path of good health.

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